Inspirational Podcasts You Need To Download

Lately, podcasts have been my favorite way to get inspired, stay inspired, and find new people following their passions and living life to the fullest. Podcasts are great because they can be downloaded ahead of time, they are free, and there are numerous topics that you are interested in or want to learn more about. My podcast library is full of many different topics, depending on what I want to hear that day, what format of a podcast I’m in the mood for, and how much time I have to devote to a podcast that day. Just browsing through the Podcast App, you are sure to find some great downloads that you can listen to while you’re stuck in traffic, taking a walk, or preparing meals in the kitchen. Below are some of my favorite inspirational podcasts to check out if you are new to the podcast game or if you need some new podcasts to spice up your current downloads. 

  • School Of Greatness With Lewis Howes: Lewis Howes is a former professional Arena football player, author, and inspirational speaker who seeks to figure out to live life to the fullest while doing the best and being truly happy. He interviews guests who are masters in their field or just plain interesting people that have a story and knowledge to share with the world. Lewis seeks to find the truth and unpack the most wisdom for his guests, and his podcast episodes always leave me with thoughts to ponder and ideas to integrate into my life so that I can be doing the best while seeking joy with life overall. 
  • One Part Plant: One Part Plant is hosted by Jessica Murnane, who is a cookbook author and blogger. In her podcasts which she deems “next level inspiration” she interviews people from many different backgrounds, including other cookbook authors and bloggers, Chinese Medicine doctors, entrepreneurs, meditation teachers, and authors. Her conversations with her guests are witty and down to earth, and she doesn’t pre-plan questions or topics but instead lets the conversation flow in natural directions that feel like you are overhearing an interesting conversation between new friends.
  • From The Heart Conversations With Yoga Girl: Rachel Brathen, the Instagram famous @yoga_girl, has started her own podcast, and it gives listeners a glimpse into her life beyond social media. Her podcasts either feature an interview with someone in her life or a yoga teacher. She also has episodes that are just her stories and her discussions about certain aspects of her life. Her voice and the way that she layers her stories and her interview questions are engaging and keep you entertained. 
  • TED Radio Hour: If you like TED Talks, then you will love this podcast. The podcast episodes choose one specific topic and weave other related TED talks into a greater story. Choose a subject you want to learn more about, and the podcast episode will provide multiple perspectives that will help you on your quest for greater knowledge. 

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