Improved Performance in School Tests Following Meditation and Breathing Practices

Life has changed a lot from what it used to be. Academic competition and the demands that school life has today have also altered considerably. Today the students need to be more alert and have a more profound presence of mind. It is the reason parents have started exposing their kids to more knowledgeable sources that are way beyond their ages. Today, the child’s mental capacity is much higher than the kids of yesteryears. To be able to keep up with the competition and be able to absorb and implement the right knowledge from the plethora of information that they are being bombarded with daily. 

Adults assume that the lives of kids and teenagers are stress-free, and there is hardly anything in their lives that might make them anxious. But adults are seriously wrong about that. Kids have worries of their own; they have to face adults’ expectations of them, peer pressure, bullying, and, most of all, the dependency of technology in their lives stresses them to a great extent. It has led educators to believe in the power of yoga and meditation. The positivity of yoga can bring in the lives of the students and improve their learning capabilities. 

The benefits that can be enjoyed are:

  • An overall improvement in the academic performance of children:

The major hurdle on their way to better growth is stress. Yoga helps them de-stress themselves and thus increase their mental awareness about their surroundings. It helps them concentrate the right way and become adept in their studies. Research has shown that students who practiced yoga reported lower stress levels and better academic results as compared to students who did not practice meditation and breathing practices. Schools are currently adopting yoga lesson plans to promote meditation and breathing practices for stronger and fresher minds.

  • Students were found to have better memory:

It has been proven through research. Students involved in activities that refreshed their minds had improved their memories, but there was a drastic increase in the spatial memory of the children who practiced breathing techniques and meditation. It helped in de-cluttering the mind, and hence they were able to store more information. Meditation also brought about the calmness of mind and thus boosted the retaining power of the mind.

  • Yoga helped improve and increase the attention span of the students:

Yoga assisted in developing mind power, and when the mind is de-cluttered, the mind is clear of negative and repetitive thoughts. It allows the mind to concentrate on the subject at hand. Yoga requires attention and concentration, thus with meditative practices, young minds learn to focus on their studies as their attention span has been boosted. The lobes of the brain that are responsible for the concentration part mature later on with age. Yoga at an early age enables them to strengthen their minds and develop better concentration skills. 

Yoga can be used as a tool to enhance memory and increase the capacity of the brain. When there is an improvement in the working memory of the child, the child is highly likely to perform well in school. 

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